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 repoSCRIPT v1.5
Date: 05-05-2012
VO-Versions: Visual Objects 2.8 SP4 (Build 2838)
Visual Objects 2.8 (Build 2816)

Visual Objects 2.7b-1 (Build 2756-2773)
Visual Objects 2.7b (Build 2740)



repoSCRIPT v1.5
VO 2.7b-1
(Build 2756-2773)
[2.35 MB]


repoSCRIPT v1.5
VO 2.7b
(Build 2740)
[2.34 MB]


  repoSCRIPT is an addon for Visual Objects with that the VO-Repository can be managed and changed with a script based programming language.

[The IDE of repoSCRIPT]

With repoSCRIPT recurring tasks on the VO-Repository can be frequently automated. It facilitates, for example:
Creating delivery versions for a VO program.
Exchanging of Applications, Libraries and DLL between several developers which work on the same project.
Recreating of a faulty VO-Repository.
Creating of backups.
Importing of updates for the bBrowser.
And much more.

The script language of repoSCRIPT contains a variety of functions for accessing the repository of Visual Objects. Among other things functions are contained for the following ability:
Applications, Libraries, DLL's,
Modules and
The script language of repoSCRIPT contains the following features:
IF - Conditions
FOR - Loops
WHILE - Loops
Output of arbitrary data into an output window.

The development environment of repoSCRIPT contains:
A source code editor for writing the scripts.
A compiler which translates a script into PCode.
A runtime environment for executing the compiled scripts.
A source code debugger with that errors in a script can be searched.

repoSCRIPT can be started with a script file which is executed automatically. Through this chronologically recurring tasks can be realized with repoSCRIPT, for example the backup of the VO-Repository.
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