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Search in the active order for a record with the specified key value.










) Æ lFound


<uKeyValue>The key value that is to be searched.
Data Type:Usual


<lSoftSeek>A logical value that indicates how the record pointer is to be positioned if no record to the specified field values was found. TRUE positions the record pointer on the next larger record, FALSE on EoF. If the argument is not indicated, the setting from SetSoftSeek() is used.
Data Type:Logic


<lLast>A logical value that indicates whether the last occurrence of the key value is to be searched. With the value TRUE the last record to the key value is searched. As a default, the value FALSE is used.
Data Type:Logic

Return Value

lFoundA logical value that indicates whether the indicated key value a record was found or not.
TRUEThe key value was found.
FALSEThe key value was not found.
Data Type:Logic


bArrayServer:Seek() search in the active order a record to the indicated key value. The search begins with the first record.


If a record is found, the record pointer is positioned on these and the value TRUE is returned. Otherwise the value FALSE is returned, and the server is positioned as follows: with a normal search the server is positioned on EoF; with a SoftSeek search the server is positioned on the first record, whose key value is larger than the indicated key value. If such record does not exist, the server is positioned at EoF.

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